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never seen every 10 minutes. usually it is every 20 minutes at best. and i have been on switchbacks. when they switchback at 30th street you have to get off. usually you are not told until the stop is coming up. then you have to pile out. many times it has been raining when you have to pile out. there is no bus stop with an overhead there to protect you from the rain. so, you know, you are just standing out there. usually there are a lot of people standing out there. several times i have even just walked down to mission street to catch a mission street bus to get home. last friday i was on a switchback at glen park. when i got on at 16th and church it said balboa station.
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and then when he announced it was just before randall he announced it. so i went up to ask him. he said i just got told i had to switchback. that is his answer. when i got on at 16th and church it said balboa to church. so i thought we were going all of the way up. luckily a train did come five minutes afterwards and took us out the rest of the way, but that was the first time i was on a switch back. usually you stand out there 15 minutes and beyond. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i just wanted to thank you for calling this hearing. i am glad i came. it was very educational. i think i look at my role on the mta board as the board not only sets policy and strategy but we are also there to support the staff when they do
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things to implement these strategies and policies. i want to thank you for coming to do this presentation. it was very valuable. as the transit effectiveness project continues to be worked upon and rolled out there are a lot of things that can help the reliability and the timing of all of our muni lines. not all of them will be easy and painless. and i remind myself of that when i think of stop consolidation and i think of parking strategies that will help us get rid of the double parked cars. i look forward to us continuing to have that conversation and it is a good reminder to us that we do want better service. thank you to the students who came. it reminds us what our students go through to get to school on muni and we have to work to help them. thank you. it was very etifiying. i look forward to us continuing to worked for to improve the
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service on both of those lines and others. >> thank you commissioners. >> on friday -- thursday we took a survey of mission high school students of the j church. >> wonderful. thank you. we will make sure muni gets it as well. is there any further public comments? ok. hearing none can we file that to the call of the chair? >> you want to continue the call of the chair? >> yeah. >> we can do that. >> i want to thank everyone who came out today. and i really want to thank mta for the very thoughtful presentation. and obviously this is a long-term project. as is all of muni. i know we are all committed to making the system run better and serve the people.
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thank you. >> and i want to thank the supervisor for bringing the hearing forward. we have a common interest on the j church and hope we can improve it for both of our districts and all of the san francisco residents who rely on the j service. thank you for moving it forward. and thank you for being here and your presentation today. of course thank you to the public for coming out. we will continue the call of the chair. and we will be adjourned. ok. ok. thank you.
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there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to >> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you
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want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free.
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you just need to have the location open. you are set to go.
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